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I Ran Out Of Room

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...on my desktop for icons. Quite the sign of having too many icons on your desktop. And it's not like I'm running at 640*480 resolution, either. Ahh, compy 486. However, that's another story for another time.

How about some links?

This site helps you see what you're gaining (and losing) when you switch to a widescreen 16:9 TV in comparison to your old 4:3 TV. If you think that 30" LCD HDTV you just picked up is awesome, this site will help you remember that if you're watching older content on it, it's more ike a 24.5" regular TV. Whoops. Sure, there's stretching options and stuff, but that's still distorting the picture in some way or another. I still have yet to experience real HD in the home. I have a Over The Air HD tuner for the free broadcast channels, and they look great, but I'm still watching it on a plain old standard-def TV.

The 10 worst Macs ever built. Proof that all of them weren't that great! The internet says so!

Jack Thompson buys some Take Two stock, annoyance ensues. Gaining inevitable media attention, our old pal has purchased stock of his archrival in order to be more annoying in stockholder meetings. However, does this mean it's ok to buy GTA3 since JT - upstanding, fight-for-our-rights citizen that he is - bought some stock? I know I bought the Xbox GTA pack the other day since it was part of the Toys R Us sale where a ton of games were $10. I also see it as me saving a copy from roaming the streets, battering the innocent.

Nintendo DS outsells PSP 3 to 1 in 2nd half of 2005. BOLOLO indeed! With more Wi-Fi titles like Animal Crossing: Wild World and Mario Kart DS, this gap could grow.

Whoops, I left this open overnight. Well, that should do it for now, hope everyone is safe tonight and has a great new year! Don't miss the leap second at 7pm EST!

Nintend O Rly?

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Rumor has it, the new Nintendo console, unofficially named "Revolution", has "Gone Gold" - meaning it's ready to be mass produced. Of course, look at how this info is being passed.

I saw it on,
who links to,
who links (in Russian?),
who apparently cites Inside Gamer. But it's in Russian.

But anyway, back on topic: this theoretically gives Nintendo 5 months to produce a boatload of consoles for a May launch. However, Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything - no Launch date, no Name, no Price. Either way, here's a nice rumor. Some people think the console will be $150. And if it launches in May...there's about 5 months. I did some remedial math, and January to the end of May = 151 days. So, if you saved one dollar every day from January 1st to May 30th, you have $150, and then...the console can be released on May 31st? (Yeah yeah, tax, other games, accessories...but give me a break.) But, you may get some free games out of the box! Especially if they have an online plan with a bunch of classic titles.

If they don't want to do that and launch in May, there's always June 6th, which would be 6.6.6, but that may send the wrong signal. Either way, this hopefully means they will have a good supply of consoles whenever they do decide to launch, which, after the Xbox 360 launch, people may like actually being able to purchase a console without camping out or preordering. Could also mean a worldwide simultaneous launch. Hopefully the games will be ready.

Icons, Everywhere!

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Seriously. I can only fit around 15 more icons on my desktop and then it'll be completely covered. This is just as bad as having the boatload of tabs. In this case, when I have too many icons, so many times I've just selected a majority of the icons and just copied them to a "sort this stuff" folder, which in turn never gets sorted. What a mess. Sure, there's some files I'll actually use, programs that have shortcuts, but it's mostly internet shortcuts that I drag and drop to the desktop. Time to highlight a few.

Blitz 1941, a tank-based online game, now in beta.

Acclaim is back from the dead. Web Services Developer Contest. Build an innovative and entrepreneurial application using Visual Studio 2005 with Amazon Web Services and you can win the grand prize: $5,000! The first 100 entries will receive an Amazon Web Services t-shirt.

Audiopad. Audiopad is a composition and performance instrument for electronic music which tracks the positions of objects on a tabletop surface and converts their motion into music. From the MIT Media Lab, of course. Don't miss the video.

How to talk smack in Halo 2. Not exactly PG related language, just like you'd find when really playing Halo 2 online!

Space Cadets. A BBC show where some people have been tricked into thinking they were actually going into space.

Coverflow>, a utility for the Mac that lets you browse your CD covers with a graphical representation of the album art. Slick.

Official site for The Da Vinci Code movie. I didn't read the book, but the trailer for this is intriguing.

Lazy Sunday, a hilarious SNL short done in the style of a rap music video, but about two of the members' voyage to see The Chronicles of Narnia. Hilarity in motion.

Working Designs has closed., make any photo look like an ipod commercial - for those without the photoshop skills to do it themselves. See also their iPodmybaby toddler clothes.

That's about it for now. Hardly a dent into all the links littering my desktop, though.

News Updates, and Tabs..of course.

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Well, over the last few days lots of stuff has happened. Most importantly, I got a job. So, I'm looking around for a car since I'll be starting work on January 2nd, and I have no way to get there. Can't spend too much, but my parents are being great and helping out to pay for it. (Since I'll have some income, I can pay them back.) So, lots of cars out there, and lots of used car salesman dying to dupe the kid. Especially the used car lots that don't even have the prices on the cars. Shady.

So, I have lots of car-related tabs open, and back up to way too many once again. Here's the roundup so I can close a few.

How much caffeine will do you in? For me, 25 cups of Starbucks Tall Coffee.

Interview with Alia Shawkat She plays Maeby F├╝nke on Arrested Development. Which always gets kicked around by FOX, even though it's won a boatload of awards for being hilarious.

But it looks like Showtime may save Arrested Development. Who knows.

One of the many "Save Arrested Development" sites. These fans are RABID.

Xbox 360 Sketch that was on The Daily Show. Good stuff.

The Tenth Annual MediaWise® Video Game Report Card Which warns parents from buying "Stubbs the Zombie" (citing it'll turn your kids into cannibals, what a great news story that'll be if any cannibalism ever breaks out) but says its fine and dandy to purchase the King Kong game. Which has an ape doing the jawbreaker on a t-rex. Smooth. This explains why the ESRB replied with...

ESRB gives NIMF a bad report card right back. (link is a PDF, you have been warned) Looks like the NIMF was just looking to get some news time, this report card points out the holes in the NIMF's report.

The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: More than 1000 of the Greatest Classics If you have a lot of spare cash sitting around and really, really like to read. Go ahead and pick this up for just under $8000. Don't actually try to pick it up though, shipping weight is listed as 700 pounds. Good thing it's got free shipping.

Tab Round Up

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Once again, I have way too many browser windows and tabs open. I cut down a little bit last night, but I'm back up to 14 IE windows and a ton of tabs. Here's some of the stories from the last few days that have caught my attention:

Electronic Arts buys Jamdat: Hilarious line in this story:

After today, not only is EA in high gear, but it owns most of the significant turf it was unable to exploit on its own.

If at first you don't whoever did! I guess this means we can expect Madden on cell phones soon.

A Million Crazy Pixels @ I'm up to two free pixel blocks! Here's hoping for some free swag. Although, I did just help out Sageclaw with his new 50*50 block of pixels - now with 100% more warning stripes!

2007 Nissan Versa Preview: A new car just announced by Nissan, to go up agains the Scion Shoeboxen and other small cars that get great mileage, this one's coming in Summer 2006. The hatchback looks interesting. Here's Nissan's official page on it.

Apparently, I'm featured in a VG Cats comic strip. The rabid dreamcast fanboy looks eerily familiar to myself, with the blond hair, glasses, and gotee. I don't have a hat like that though.

For some reason, I try to do these posts so I can close tabs...but I didn't really end up getting rid of much. But, that's all for now.

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