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Well, over the last few days lots of stuff has happened. Most importantly, I got a job. So, I'm looking around for a car since I'll be starting work on January 2nd, and I have no way to get there. Can't spend too much, but my parents are being great and helping out to pay for it. (Since I'll have some income, I can pay them back.) So, lots of cars out there, and lots of used car salesman dying to dupe the kid. Especially the used car lots that don't even have the prices on the cars. Shady.

So, I have lots of car-related tabs open, and back up to way too many once again. Here's the roundup so I can close a few.

How much caffeine will do you in? For me, 25 cups of Starbucks Tall Coffee.

Interview with Alia Shawkat She plays Maeby F├╝nke on Arrested Development. Which always gets kicked around by FOX, even though it's won a boatload of awards for being hilarious.

But it looks like Showtime may save Arrested Development. Who knows.

One of the many "Save Arrested Development" sites. These fans are RABID.

Xbox 360 Sketch that was on The Daily Show. Good stuff.

The Tenth Annual MediaWise® Video Game Report Card Which warns parents from buying "Stubbs the Zombie" (citing it'll turn your kids into cannibals, what a great news story that'll be if any cannibalism ever breaks out) but says its fine and dandy to purchase the King Kong game. Which has an ape doing the jawbreaker on a t-rex. Smooth. This explains why the ESRB replied with...

ESRB gives NIMF a bad report card right back. (link is a PDF, you have been warned) Looks like the NIMF was just looking to get some news time, this report card points out the holes in the NIMF's report.

The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: More than 1000 of the Greatest Classics If you have a lot of spare cash sitting around and really, really like to read. Go ahead and pick this up for just under $8000. Don't actually try to pick it up though, shipping weight is listed as 700 pounds. Good thing it's got free shipping.


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