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Long Time No See

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Been pretty busy lately with life. Yet the links pile up, news never stops, and don't forget all that fun around E3 week. In a few short weeks, Nintendo took the Revolution, renamed it the Wii to bewildered fanboys and critics everywhere, and then became the media darling. By the end of E3, both Microsoft and Sony proclaim the Wii will be the "second console" to buy after dropping a ton of money on one of the more expensive options. (Of course, Microsoft said it first, and Sony copied the idea, nothing new there.)

Fun with photography - High Dynamic Range (HDR) appears to be one of the many areas that computer graphics are hyping up, but it's also big in real life photography. Even when photographing food. This site talks about another type of camera that hopes to take a picture, and then focus it afterwards. Also a link or two to someone at the forefront of these tricks, Paul Debevec. Here's his page on HDR, but don't miss other stuff on his site like the precursor to "bullet time" and how an associate helped acquire such source material for an impressive demonstration of the bullet time idea. Why couldn't I fly a kite around during college for a class?

It's been just over a year since college graduation. Haven't been back since, but I did notice they started putting the college paper online in PDF format, which is nice. I got to read about how strong winds knocked the steeple off the church on campus, and how the drama never stops. About graduation...I'm pretty sure my family ordered DVD's of the event...which I still haven't received. Still trying to contact someone about that, but who knows. I started a real job since graduation, and I'm hoping the other grads are doing just as well in whatever they went off to do, be it back to more schooling or out into the real world.

On computing, if you're looking for some free security tools for your pc, check out this Anandtech thread where people link some of the best around. Anandtech forums are also great for Hot Deals on computer-related gadgetry. As is Slickdeals.

Could probably write more, but I think that's enough for now. Got enough of other stuff to do, like the tons of books and magazines sitting around unread. Including, ironically, Getting Things Done.

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