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April Fools!

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The internet community seems to love participating in this day. Even though it's a Saturday, lots of sites have changed for the occasion. Some will just change back, others have posted special announcements. For instance, Slashdot have donned a "Pinkdot" skin for the day with stories such as Linux: OMG!!! OMG OMG!!! LINUS LIKES PINKDOT!!! LOL!!! , OMG WIRELESS EXTENSION CORDS!!! LOL!!!, and CUTEST WEB SITE EVER DISCOVERED!!!.

What else is going on?

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT® PRESENTS BURGERCRAFT™ - "At BurgerCraft, players will have a chance to truly taste the flavor of Blizzard's games and savor traditional dishes from all the company's popular game universes."

Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google
- With Google Romance

ThinkGeek offers the iZilla and the USB Desktop Tanning Center.

Practically everything on Homestar Runner is upside down.

Gamespot, trying to be funny, posts news about "World of Starcraft" and "Cowbell Hero".

GameFAQ's looks to be shut down with this image on their front page. Hardy har.

Wikipedia has a great page with a ton of links to other sites pulling pranks.

Today is also Apple's 30th anniversary. No crazy news from them, real or fake. At least not yet.

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