I Ran Out Of Room

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...on my desktop for icons. Quite the sign of having too many icons on your desktop. And it's not like I'm running at 640*480 resolution, either. Ahh, compy 486. However, that's another story for another time.

How about some links?

This site helps you see what you're gaining (and losing) when you switch to a widescreen 16:9 TV in comparison to your old 4:3 TV. If you think that 30" LCD HDTV you just picked up is awesome, this site will help you remember that if you're watching older content on it, it's more ike a 24.5" regular TV. Whoops. Sure, there's stretching options and stuff, but that's still distorting the picture in some way or another. I still have yet to experience real HD in the home. I have a Over The Air HD tuner for the free broadcast channels, and they look great, but I'm still watching it on a plain old standard-def TV.

The 10 worst Macs ever built. Proof that all of them weren't that great! The internet says so!

Jack Thompson buys some Take Two stock, annoyance ensues. Gaining inevitable media attention, our old pal has purchased stock of his archrival in order to be more annoying in stockholder meetings. However, does this mean it's ok to buy GTA3 since JT - upstanding, fight-for-our-rights citizen that he is - bought some stock? I know I bought the Xbox GTA pack the other day since it was part of the Toys R Us sale where a ton of games were $10. I also see it as me saving a copy from roaming the streets, battering the innocent.

Nintendo DS outsells PSP 3 to 1 in 2nd half of 2005. BOLOLO indeed! With more Wi-Fi titles like Animal Crossing: Wild World and Mario Kart DS, this gap could grow.

Whoops, I left this open overnight. Well, that should do it for now, hope everyone is safe tonight and has a great new year! Don't miss the leap second at 7pm EST!

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