Tab Round Up

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Once again, I have way too many browser windows and tabs open. I cut down a little bit last night, but I'm back up to 14 IE windows and a ton of tabs. Here's some of the stories from the last few days that have caught my attention:

Electronic Arts buys Jamdat: Hilarious line in this story:

After today, not only is EA in high gear, but it owns most of the significant turf it was unable to exploit on its own.

If at first you don't whoever did! I guess this means we can expect Madden on cell phones soon.

A Million Crazy Pixels @ I'm up to two free pixel blocks! Here's hoping for some free swag. Although, I did just help out Sageclaw with his new 50*50 block of pixels - now with 100% more warning stripes!

2007 Nissan Versa Preview: A new car just announced by Nissan, to go up agains the Scion Shoeboxen and other small cars that get great mileage, this one's coming in Summer 2006. The hatchback looks interesting. Here's Nissan's official page on it.

Apparently, I'm featured in a VG Cats comic strip. The rabid dreamcast fanboy looks eerily familiar to myself, with the blond hair, glasses, and gotee. I don't have a hat like that though.

For some reason, I try to do these posts so I can close tabs...but I didn't really end up getting rid of much. But, that's all for now.

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