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Too Many Tabs

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Once again, I have way too many tabs open in Firefox, with 42 at the moment. I put my laptop to sleep at night and that lets me leave the browser open for when I come back in the morning. Unfortunately, that allows tab buildup, to the point where I don't even see the new tabs since they can't fit all on one screen. So, here's a few that I have open so I can finally close them.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

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When the time comes to change the clocks (today at 2am, it becomes 1am again, meaning an extra hour of sleep!), how many clocks do you have to change? It was always fun in the dorm room to see just how many clocks there were in that small space. I had my watch, xbox, clock radio, iPaq, laptop, desktop, roommate had his clock radio, watch, tv, computer, and cell phone. That's 12! Sure, the computers and cell phone would update themselves, but it's pretty crazy how many things keep time in that small a space. And I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two. Later on I eventually got a pre-paid cell phone, so there's one more.
At home, in just the kitchen you can look down the line at the clocks on the stove, microwave, and clock radio, all within 10 feet of eachother. People loooove time. Or at the least, people love to add the ability to tell time to just about anything. How many widgets, docklets, gadgets, etc. for operating systems just tell time? It's crazy. And usually, there's already a nice little clock in some corner of the screen!

Friday Means Friday Music

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Ahh, Friday. Not like it's been a busy work week, but Friday does mean it's time for that special music playlist to be queued up and pumped out of iTunes. Ever since some point in college, myself and my roommate began a tradition of playing certain songs on Friday's, knowing that these songs were worthy of ushering in the weekend. A typical Friday Music session started off with War's Low Rider. Classic. These sessions usually started whenever one of us remembered to start playing them, either by screaming "ITS FRIDAAAAAAY" as we got back to the dorm, or remembering once we were both in the room and racing to start the music first. Other typical songs on the playlist:

Kids nowadays...

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They get everything! I was in target today, and I see this:

A 1:6 Scale Chrysler 300M. Not only is it a huge remote-controlled car complete with "spinner rims" and "pulsating light-up interior", it also has an auxillary jack in the trunk so you can plug in your MP3 player of choice to play through the speakers that are in the car! When Iwas a kid, my remote controlled cars were the kind that went in a straight line, and then when you went in reverse, they veered to the left at the same time. That's how you turned. How, you have a $119.99 iPod jukebox with wheels!

It Came From IFILM

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While looking at video of the alleged new cohost of G4's Attack of the Show, I saw a few other short clips that were also in the playlist, including this one entitled "Spin". It's a great short, very well done and polished, and not what I thought it was going to be when it started. The thing about sites like IFILM is that you get sucked in and keep watching shorts that look cool and then half an hour has gone by. And now, take a look at a composite picture I just created! It explains how hurricanes can hear everything going on, and it's out for justice.

First Post!

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I figure it's about time I create/use one of these blog things. What will it be about? I have no idea. Computers? Obvious choice. I might just use this as a place to post links that I want to keep track of, instead of just littering my desktop with links.

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