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I figure it's about time I create/use one of these blog things. What will it be about? I have no idea. Computers? Obvious choice. I might just use this as a place to post links that I want to keep track of, instead of just littering my desktop with links.

How about a small sampling of links I've come across recently, and thrown to my desktop for some reason or another:

"Jeff Covey: Running a Progressive Dash" from 43 Folders
Interesting article about tackling one of my favorite vices, procrastination. Talks about how important it is to just get stuff done. Chip away at the tasks in small pieces, and stuff gets done. Guy even has a script he uses on his computer that helps him organize his to-do items, and later will help him check his email and catch up on other reading. It's a cool idea, and not as crazy as this guy who keeps his entire life in a CVS repository.

Blah-dee blue-dee blah-dah, technobabble. I know. CVS = Concurrent Versions System, and it's typically used to help people write programs. It allows people to check files in and out and foster colloboration with lots of people at once. This guy is using it personally to track his life. Using the CVS, he's able to keep files identical across computers, something I wish I could do as I work on a laptop and a desktop at the same time. Or, if something gets messed up on one system, he can see what he did previously and fix it. Some very cool stuff, and most of it none of us ever have any idea about.

The ultimate irony? I get to these links about procrastination, and I put them on my desktop to read later when I have time. This blog = takes more time. Where's the sense in that? Who knows! Maybe after a while I'll be somewhat more organized thanks to this, maybe not.


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