It Came From IFILM

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While looking at video of the alleged new cohost of G4's Attack of the Show, I saw a few other short clips that were also in the playlist, including this one entitled "Spin". It's a great short, very well done and polished, and not what I thought it was going to be when it started. The thing about sites like IFILM is that you get sucked in and keep watching shorts that look cool and then half an hour has gone by. And now, take a look at a composite picture I just created! It explains how hurricanes can hear everything going on, and it's out for justice.

Why does that hurricane hang a wild right for no reason? Some may try and tell you it's many factors including various high and low pressure areas, and the sweeping low arc of the jet stream, but the correlation of this information is a little too easy to miss...make your own call here.


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