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Once again, I have way too many tabs open in Firefox, with 42 at the moment. I put my laptop to sleep at night and that lets me leave the browser open for when I come back in the morning. Unfortunately, that allows tab buildup, to the point where I don't even see the new tabs since they can't fit all on one screen. So, here's a few that I have open so I can finally close them.

The Most Reliable Cars of 2006 - As reported by Consumer Reports, via CNN. However, this is only their prediction of their reliability. The Toyota Echo is up there for best Small Car, even though it's not for sale in the US anymore, interesting. Toyota Matrix is there for Wagons, which I wouldn't mind having, as are the Toyota Rav4, and Honda's CR-V and Element, which I wouldn't mind having either. Who cares if the Element looks a bit boxy, at least it isn't the Scion "Shoebox" (xB). Of course, I don't have a car of my own, so I'd take any of these reliable cars.

Woot - They sell an item per day, and only one item per day. If you don't like it, check back the next day. Sometimes good, sometimes too expensive. They also do photoshop contests which would be nice to win, since they give out monetary prizes. - A hilarious ad for Civilization 4, including a crazy old lady, and Sid Meier himself!

Then, there's lots of other links to stuff I was researching for this blog, like MTAmazon, a plugin that will allow me to have the "Now Reading ____" stuff in posts, which I think could be cool. It would also give me a reason to read some more of these books I have sitting around.


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