Spring Forward, Fall Back

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When the time comes to change the clocks (today at 2am, it becomes 1am again, meaning an extra hour of sleep!), how many clocks do you have to change? It was always fun in the dorm room to see just how many clocks there were in that small space. I had my watch, xbox, clock radio, iPaq, laptop, desktop, microwave...my roommate had his clock radio, watch, tv, computer, and cell phone. That's 12! Sure, the computers and cell phone would update themselves, but it's pretty crazy how many things keep time in that small a space. And I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two. Later on I eventually got a pre-paid cell phone, so there's one more.
At home, in just the kitchen you can look down the line at the clocks on the stove, microwave, and clock radio, all within 10 feet of eachother. People loooove time. Or at the least, people love to add the ability to tell time to just about anything. How many widgets, docklets, gadgets, etc. for operating systems just tell time? It's crazy. And usually, there's already a nice little clock in some corner of the screen!

I was always interested in Swatch .beat time, but that didn't really catch on. It was that system that broke down the 24-hour day into 1000 "beats", and the time was the same all over the world, no time zones. A few people did some interesting experiments using only .beat time, but the only watches that use it are expensive ones from Swatch. However, I do have one weird brand watch that was more like a gadget with little games and apps in it, and it also did .beat time. Thing even had a dock to hook it up to a computer, but I haven't ever tried that part of it. Well, it's about time that I post this since I really left it on my computer till morning.


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