Expensive Things

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Some things are just too expensive. Like cars. For that much money, I don't want to have to pay to fix it over and over! I have computers, and they were relatively expensive in comparison to other stuff I had bought up to that point, but I haven't had to replace parts like in a car. I've upgraded them to do more, but stuff doesn't just blow up or melt down like in cars. Of course, I've had pretty good luck with the cars in my family I can drive, so I shouldn't complain and jinx it all. You know what else is expensive? This! Two hundred and twelve DVD's worth of Star Trek. That's borderline redonkulous. I dunno how many solid days of video that is...but it has to be a ton. The unfortunate part of these kind of bundles is what happens when the high definition DVD's come out? Some movies will be able to be rescanned from original film negatives, but other stuff like tv shows that are edited on video are stuck in the low resolution world forever.

When I was at Best Buy the other night, I saw a giant plasma screen had been specially set up to show Star Wars Episode 3 on DVD since it was just released, but it honestly doesn't look that great on a big screen like that from a DVD source. Especially when I saw the Xbox 360 kiosk just behind this giant screen, since the Xbox 360 games are all in high definition, at a 720p minimum. I didn't get a chance to play it since some other kids were on it, but from what I could see, it looked nice and crisp. It'll be interesting to see how many older movies make the leap to HD-DVD, it could breathe life into some old titles if the old film reels still exist. Technology's crazy!

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Joy said:

Hello sir!
In your speech against cars, you forgot the fact that they eat gas like no other! And gas is so expensive! Forget repairs: just getting from point A to point B is expensive.
And come on, you know you'd pay a couple thou for a good rendition of star wars...

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