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This is getting crazy. I have 3 Firefox windows open, and more than a handful of tabs open in each. Right now it's using around 232 megs of memory, but at least it's not pegging my processor at 100% utilization like it does sometimes. Let's take a stroll through some of the links so I can finally close a few. - Google will probably break 400 any day now when they announce some other new technology one of their workers did on their spare time. Crazy. It's also funny to look at Google's stock price on Yahoo's site, that's must annoy them.,17863,1122948,00.html - "Moore's War", an article about how Peter Moore wants the Xbox 360 to succeed, and how he doesn't want to be "Dreamcasted" again by Sony.

I was looking at some Apple related sites as well since I was working on someone's old iMac the other day, so I got caught up in that stuff too: - Site about the old 512K Mac with info, and also home to the Power Color Classic G4, a mod where they shoved the guts of a G4 Cube into a Color Classic all-in-one mac case. Some people have lots of time (and money) on their hands. - A site about the 20th Anniversay Mac, a very expensive piece of hardware, but revolutionary for its time. Site has some pretty cool pictures of prototype units.

Some stuff I came across on Lifehacker but haven't had the time to read:
The Best Free Fonts
Avoid Information Overflow: Organize RSS Feeds

Some stuff from Wikipedia:
The Phantom Edit of Star Wars Episode 1
The Two Towers: The Purist Edit
Easter Eggs, from various software and hardware

Vote MacGyver 2008. Nuff said.

Hm...and even after a bunch of links here, I still have a ton more.


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