Obligatory Jack Thompson Post

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Since it's the hot-button topic of the week/month, I figured I'll jump into the frenzy! Jack Thompson is a "lawyer" who feels it is his mission in life to sue various parts of the gaming industry whenever it seems fit, or unfit. Recently, he made a "Modest Proposal" for a video game where a character went and did stuff similar to the games he was suing people over, except the targets in the games were the heads of these game companies. He states that if someone makes this game, he'll donate $10,000 to charity. Of course, people go ahead and make the game using a variety of medium ranging from text-adventure to game mod, and Thompson comes back to say he was just kidding. As a kicker, Penny Arcade hold Thompson to his word, and donate $10,000 of their own to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation. Hilarity Ensues!

After the guys at Penny Arcade donate the money and have a few e-mails back and forth with Thompson, including a phone call, Jack decides it'd be a good idea to fax the Seattle Police Department about the "criminal harrassment" being done by Penny Arcade. Insanity! In the latest turn of events, Jack's under investigation for his latest round of legal threats fired off in random directions across the intarweb. It's not just Penny Arcade, but VG Cats as well. Is no one safe?

Lawyers. :/

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