Nathan Weller

Albright College - Reading, PA

BS Computer Science & Digital Media
Liberal Arts education with a focus on the digital arts and sciences. Topics studied include: 3D Animation, Interactive Media Production, Web Design, and Video Production.
Also completed and presented a Senior Honors Thesis, "Analyzing Information Architecture and the Art of Interface Design", as part of the Honors Program, which included two separate but interrelated design projects.
Software experience in Windows and Macintosh Environments:
Graphics and Video
Adobe Photoshop, Premiere
3D Animation
Alias Maya
Interactive Web & Print Design
Macromedia Director, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, and Freehand
Office Productivity
Microsoft Office Suite, OpenOffice
& various other applications
Work Experience
2002-Present (Summers Only)
Counselor at Carson-Simpson Farm - Willow Grove, PA
  Worked on summer staff as a councelor for groups of Grade K-6 at a Christian day camp, filmed and edited video for staff events, worked on the camp website, and troubleshot office computer issues.
Lab Assisitant at Albright College - Reading, PA
Worked under Professor Yuko Oda, assisting in her Media Production classes. Researched applications and assisted in the classroom during lecture. Class work revolved around Macromedia's Director application, along with general interactive and web design fundamentals.