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Nintend O Rly?

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Rumor has it, the new Nintendo console, unofficially named "Revolution", has "Gone Gold" - meaning it's ready to be mass produced. Of course, look at how this info is being passed.

I saw it on,
who links to,
who links (in Russian?),
who apparently cites Inside Gamer. But it's in Russian.

But anyway, back on topic: this theoretically gives Nintendo 5 months to produce a boatload of consoles for a May launch. However, Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything - no Launch date, no Name, no Price. Either way, here's a nice rumor. Some people think the console will be $150. And if it launches in May...there's about 5 months. I did some remedial math, and January to the end of May = 151 days. So, if you saved one dollar every day from January 1st to May 30th, you have $150, and then...the console can be released on May 31st? (Yeah yeah, tax, other games, accessories...but give me a break.) But, you may get some free games out of the box! Especially if they have an online plan with a bunch of classic titles.

If they don't want to do that and launch in May, there's always June 6th, which would be 6.6.6, but that may send the wrong signal. Either way, this hopefully means they will have a good supply of consoles whenever they do decide to launch, which, after the Xbox 360 launch, people may like actually being able to purchase a console without camping out or preordering. Could also mean a worldwide simultaneous launch. Hopefully the games will be ready.

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