No Rest For The Link-Weary

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On top of running out of hard drive space on the laptop, there's always the issue of more and more links. This crazy internet just keeps growing!

Here's a 7 page and growing thread on the official Lost forums about their grammar mistake in the most recent episode. The subtitles for the Korean language said "You're husband...", and thousands of grammar police (including myself) cried in agony.

FolderShare - a new "Live" service under the umbrella of Microsoft. Send files between PC's. Allows synchronization of folders between computers.

Available till March 31st, this t-shirt is great for fans of Battlestar Galactica. If you haven't watched it, this won't make any sense.

This VG Cats comic strip cracks me up. (Warning: Contains clowns. But it's hilarious.)

You know what would be a great song for people to put on their blogs? That song that played every time Doogie Howser sat down to type in his DOS-based journal. What a genius...years ahead of the blogging age!

Why Windows Vista Won't Suck.
Why Windows Vista Will Suck.

I recently picked up a new computer magazine from the local Barnes & Noble. I had to get it as soon as I saw an artist in there by the name of Steve Holt. Fans of Arrested Development will get it.

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