Gadget Watch: Nokia 770

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I want one. I forget how I came across a site for it initially, but I've been keeping an eye out for this new gizmo from Nokia.

It's not a cell phone - you don't even have to pay monthly for it - it's just a simple wi-fi enabled "tablet". It has built in applications like a web browser, RSS reader, e-mail client, and the ability to add on lots of other apps. While the official Nokia page has been the same for the last few months with its "Coming Soon!" labels, several other sites have sprung up to cover this fledgling platform. Since the tablet is linux-based, the entire OS is very open for tinkering, and the tools for doing so are already available.

Maemo, the devlopment platform for the 770, has already seen lots of activity, and the 770 still isn't out yet! Some lucky developers have already had their hands on pre-production units, and have already received their final production units recently. Still no definite release date, but I'd think it should see the light of day before Christmas if they want to sell any of these. Here's some of the sites I've been checking:

Internet Tablet Talk - Nice site that's only a few months old, but has a forum and blog that's helping bring together articles on the 770.

Since the developers are getting their units in the mail (I wish I cound find some link to see what kind of deal they got on the order), I'd expect they'll be available to the consumers very soon.

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